Duracoat Finishing

DuraCoat is a one of a kind finishing system, custom designed for firearms and proven to last the test of time. Unlike other firearm refinishing systems, DuraCoat is a two step chemical process that creates a custom finish that can withstand the most extreme conditions.

Designed to take to almost any surface including hard coat anodizing and Parkerizing, DuraCoat bonds to your firearm and protects it form scratches, dings and imperfections. It is not a Teflon based product. Teflon is good for internals, but will not wear as well as DuraCoat on the exterior of your firearm. It is DuraCoat’s combination of elasticity and hardness that creates a finish impervious to impact, scratching and the elements. Although when it was first created DuraCoat did not posess any lubricating qualities, it has been reformulated to incorporate lubricating properties, in accordance with the desires of today’s’ shooters.

If you would like to read more about DuraCoat read the FAQ from Lauer.